ACR Stormers

America's Cardroom Stormers is actually a streaming service that anyone can join. The initiator does have to be a member of the ACR in order to become a stormer. The idea behind the stormer club is similar to affiliates at online and mobile casinos. The stormer signs up and is then able to stream live events from games and poker tournaments at the America's Cardroom giving others a chance to learn the poker games and encourage them to join and become full members and start placing bets. It is a perfect opportunity for anyone to learn the basics of poker by watching others. The benefits of being a stormer, apart from watching the poker games in real time, include a six-level rewards program. At the first level stormers receive $15 in tournament money for every 100 hours streamed up to $25 for every 1000 hours streamed. There are six levels in total and the top-level awards players $3000 for every 1000 hours streamed. The tournament money is given at the end of every month. The ACR stormers can be players themselves or just visitors who like the idea of learning poker, but they must be members of the site.