When talking about poker rooms it is the tournaments that really bring the excitement and fun to the player through the many different poker tournaments that he must choose from. Each tournament is different and offers the player different value buy ins and the potential to win different amounts while playing games of Texas Hold’em, Omaha card poker and Stud pokers.

Regular Tournaments

No tournament is regular but there are some that are more common than others. The sit and go tournaments offer players to bet up to $1000 when they turn up at the tournament and the potential to win is much larger. There are knock out tournaments where the player works his way through all the competitors and the last man standing is the winner. Rebuy tournaments offer players the chance to enter the tournament again after having left it or been thrown out and rebuy into the challenge with a new amount. There are final table experiences and flips where the player works against others and not the cardroom itself. The multi table tournaments offer players a chance to dip their luck into more than one game at a time and the jackpot tournaments offer players a mixture of poker and lottery where they can win up to 2500x bet placed.

Special Tournaments

The special tournaments are advertised from time to time at the casino and include the land-based options from online positions. Players can join in with an existing land based tournament that is running from the comfort of their home and enjoy the same stakes and conditions as the land based casino play but with an online presence, this gives the player the best of both worlds and a chance to win some huge amounts. All the tournaments are updated on a regular basis and this gives the player new options to check and enjoy every week with new levels of investment and new chances to win. The tournaments offered cover all the poker games that can be found at Americas Cardroom.